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Facebook, App Platforms, and Game Theory

In this post, I explore how Facebook manages viral channels and how a little game theory might be applied to better manage their platform for developers and end users.

Why Amazon’s Facebook Integration Revolutionizes The Recommendations Space

I’ve publicly stated previously that social recommendations generate far higher engagement rates than many other recommendation techniques. When I was at Loomia back in 07/08 we launched a product which was the first Facebook powered social recommendation service for media sites, called SeenThis. It was a widget that you could put on your web site which […]

Tuning those privacy controls on Facebook

I’m extremely impressed with what Facebook launched at F8 last week — big ideas launched with stunning speed. At the same time, I have to chuckle at some of the unintended consequences of a brand new, not so well tested, social internet. “This past weekend, one poor woman from Adelaide, Australia named Kate Miller found […]