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Interesting reading: Clay Shirky on the collapse of complex business models

The Collapse of Complex Business Models “When the value of complexity turns negative, a society plagued by an inability to react remains as complex as ever, right up to the moment where it becomes suddenly and dramatically simpler, which is to say right up to the moment of collapse. Collapse is simply the last remaining […]


I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in web site design: flashy ajax-y user interfaces that are actually worse than their full-page-refresh forefathers. The Ajax calls are *synchronous* in nature when they would have been aysnchronous using plain-jane HTML. Let me call this LAJAX. Lame AJAX, or latent javascript xml communication depending on your politics. The worst […]

OH in the mission: "What I said out loud was not what I said in my head."

OH: “What I said out loud was not what I said in my head.” It never is 😉

Just posted a quick note on Apple’s local advertising move to the Spinnaker blog

Using PHP? Take a look at Facebook’s HipHop for PHP

“HipHop for PHP isn’t technically a compiler itself. Rather it is a source code transformer. HipHop programmatically transforms your PHP source code into highly optimized C++ and then uses g++ to compile it. HipHop executes the source code in a semantically equivalent manner and sacrifices some rarely used features — such as eval() — in […]

First Round Capital launches exchange for their portfolio companies

In what appears to be part of a trend, noted early stage investment firm first round capital has launched an exchange for it’s portfolio companies to trade equity. “This exchange fund was created to allow First Round Capital entrepreneurs to contribute a small piece of the stock they own in their company — and share […]

Apple iPad

So… what’s it designed to do?

More on revenue sources and news content

This is a follow up on this post about Newsday’s 35 paid subscribers 3 months after launching a pay-wall over their news content: It’s critical for publishers to match their revenue sources to their audience and product (content, or content aggregation). It’s very possible to sell high quality business content for this kind of […]

More on software patents: PTO changes standard of patentability with new test

“In its fourth precedential opinion of 2009, an enlarged panel of the BPAI has created a new test for judging whether a claimed machine (or article of manufacture) that takes advantage of a mathematical algorithm falls within the patentable subject matter requirements of 35 U.S.C. Section 101. The two-part test parallels the Federal Circuit’sBilski decision that […]

Twitter revenue: two points and a question

Twitter has proven a bunch of people wrong by generating significant revenue from the service through data licensing deals with Google and Microsoft. Twitter Inc., the San Francisco company that has popularized short but free texts known as tweets, is reportedly set to turn a small profit this year thanks to $25 million in Internet […]